IR Surveillance Robo


This is the most unique and a latest kit of ours. This kit helps to break the Superstitious Myths of our society. This kit contains a complete booklet and required things like chemicals and powders which helps you to successfully perform the myth buster tricks with complete reason and explanation.

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Security for the large areas is a challenging task, specially at night time.
The human security is failure due to some biological limitations of human
body , that’ s why security guards cannot give their full efforts in security .
Sometimes the surveillance camera also don’t work properly in night for
long distance, which results in the failure of security sometimes.
So we have developed a robo mounted with a modulated infrared
surveillance system.
This system works effectively and efficiently in night because there is no
IR interference due to sunlight. Here we use 38 Hz modulated burst
frequency to cover long distance and reflected back by the obstruction and
detected by highly sensitive IR sensor and concentrated by using appropriate
optics. The sensors sense the weak IR pulse and trigger the relay to stop the
rotation to track the object, and sends the audio video information to the
control room for taking appropriate actions against the unwanted person

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